Take Your Time to Enjoy Sex

Most of the time we give priority to other things before taking time to take care of ourselves. What we propose to them to enjoy are tasks that will get you out of the routine and break with your weekly monotony, we hope that they will encourage you to apply them and enjoy them.

Passion Relaxation

INGREDIENTS: a bathtub or jacuzzi if we do not have in our house is a good time to visit a hotel, warm water, aromatic candles or with oil, relaxing music, wine or any drink we like, aphrodisiacs, one or more people;)

PREPARATION: fill the bathtub with hot water, prepare the atmosphere by lighting the candles and putting the music on a soft level that accompanies the atmosphere, fill the glasses and put the selected aphrodisiac, change our clothes for something sexier to make you feel the other one more special.

To do all this you can use several of these ingredients:

Suntouched Hemp Edible Candle

Lubricating Gel + Aphrodisiac Oil

Spanish Fly Strawberry Fly


Maintaining water temperature, not having marked schedules and detachment from technology, covering the lights to have greater concentration.

50 shadows
Since a lot of intrigue has been generated with the new movie of the 50 Shadows saga we propose you to take control and play it in a fun and sexy way.

INGREDIENTS: mask, leather accessories, leather accessories, garter heels and red lipstick to be girl tie a black boxer and a good perfume to be boy, a chair, chocolate and good music.


We tie the half-naked couple in a chair with ropes, ties or tie, we let ourselves be carried away dancing for the other in a sexy way and playing with the accessories that we decide, we throw chocolate and we eat in a very sexy way to raise the temperature.

Some of the products you can use as an ally for this fantasy.

Lovers Fantasy Kit BDSM

Massage candle

Sensual Mask Mask Rashguard

We hope you will apply them and enjoy.

Very good sex for everyone.

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