Paraphilias, how to detect them and integrate them into your life

Paraphilias are all those sexual preferences that individuals have that allow them to experience a particularly intense degree of excitement and desire, they are not bad or good simply preferences. They exist in all people.


The film “Kiki, love is made” from 2016 directed by Paco León and starring him, Candela Peña and Alex García, masterfully portrays the living universe of the paraphilias This is a remake of the Australian film 2014 The Little Death.

Five stories of love and curious sexual philosophies coincide in a heated summer in Madrid. Dacryphilia, Eliphilia, Somnofilia and Harpaxophilia are some of the particular ways of obtaining pleasure that the protagonists discover. To enjoy them they will have to decide how to integrate them into their lives. Feelings, fears and above all sexuality are transformed breaking taboos, entering an exciting, creative and free stage where neither pleasure nor love is denied.

I recommend watching the film as a way of enriching sexuality and knowing how to integrate a paraphilia into the relationship…

Below is a list of some of those detected.

They are not the only ones, each person must be attentive where they register their peaks of sexual adrenaline.

I remember having had a great orgasm, very young, playing riding a fellow student, I ended up wetting his shirt in that pet play game.

1. Abasiophilia: Sexual arousal occurs only when the partner is lame.

2. Acrophilia: People who get excited only when their partners are very tall.

3. Actirastia: Sexual arousal from exposure to the sun’s rays.

4. Agonophilia: Excitement from a fight with the couple.

5. Alorgasmia: Excitement from fantasizing during sexual intercourse with someone other than the partner.

6. Alveophilia: Attraction to having sex in a bathtub.

7. Amaurophilia: Preference for a blind or blindfolded sexual partner.

8. Anastimaphilia: People who are excited by the overweight of others.

9. Androidism: Excitement with human-looking dolls or robots.

10. Andromimetophilia: Attraction only for women dressed as men.

11. Apotemnophilia: Excitement from the idea of being amputated.

12. Arachnophilia: Sexual game with spiders.

13. Asphyxiosophy: It is also called erotic strangulation. It basically consists of playing strangling the sexual partner.

14. Autagonistophy: Create situations in which other people may see you naked by accident. For example, you might want to leave the curtains open and walk around the house naked.

15. Autoabasiophy: The stimulus is to be or become lame.

16. Self-asinophilia: Masochistic fantasy of being murdered.

17. Self-assinophilia: People who see this perversion become sexually aroused when placed in situations where they could end up dead.

18. Self suffocation: The stimulus is to be asphyxiated during sexual intercourse.

19. Self-relief: The stimulus is to use diapers and be treated like a baby.

20. Avisodomy: Sexual intercourse with birds.

21. Axilism: Masturbation inside the couple’s armpit.

22. Biastophy: Those who only become sexually aroused when they assault someone against their will.

23. Cataphilia: Sexual arousal occurs only when a man submits to his partner.

24. Choreofilia: Sexual excitement when dancing.

25. Cinophilia: Excitement when having sex with dogs, it can be petplay simulating the couple being a dog or bitch.

26. Clastomania: Excitement when tearing and tearing underwear and socks of the couple.

27. Consuerophilia: Sew areas of skin with needle and thread for sexual pleasure.

28. Coprophilia (coprolagnia): the use of stool in sexual practice (either by observing another person defecate or by putting stool on the body).

29. Corephalism: Sexual arousal only by having anal sex with girls.

30. Cryptoscophilia: Excitement when contemplating the conduct (not necessarily sexual) of other people in the privacy of their home.

31. Chronophilia: Sexual attraction of young people to older people.

32. Cyesolagnia: Sexual arousal only with pregnant women.

33. Dacryphilia or dacryphilia: This is a peculiar psychosexual disorder that is triggered by seeing the couple crying intensely.

34. Dendrophilia: When excitement only occurs when rubbing against trees.

35. Doraphilia: Sexual arousal when touching animal, synthetic or any other type of skin.

36. Dysmorphophyllia: Attraction to deformed people (mastectomized, hunchbacks, etc…).

37. Ecdiosis: Excitement only occurs when stripping before strangers.

38. Electrophylaxis (electrocutophilia): Excitation only results from using gentle electrical shocks during sexual intercourse.

39. Emetophilia: Sexual arousal from vomiting.

40. Enditophilia (endytophilia or enditolagnia): Excitement only occurs when the couple is dressed.

41. Erotophonophilia: Excitement when making phone calls using erotic language.

42. Stigmatophilia: Excitement before tattoos, piercing (píercing) or scars.

43. Falophilia: attraction for big penises.

44. Flatophilia: Excitement from the smell of one’s own intestinal gas or that of the partner.

45. Formicophilia: Sexual excitement when crawling insects or small animals (ants, snails, worms, etc.) on the genitals.

46. Fratrilagnia: Attraction to incestuous sexual intercourse. Excitement when imagining sex with your brother or sister.

47. Frotism: The frottage consists of rubbing the penis on any surface that provokes sexual stimulation, either another passenger or the doors of the wagon itself. Nine out of ten fans discourage the use of train doors.

48. Gerontophilia: Sexual attraction of a young person by a much older person, mostly elderly.

49. Gymnophilia or nudomania: Excitement from nudity.

50. Ginemimetophilia: Excitement will only occur if the couple is a transvestite.

51. Ginoticolobomasophilia: Sexual arousal is produced by a fascination for the ear lobes. (Something like replacing the breasts with ears)

52. Grafolagnia, iconolagnia or pictophilia: The stimulus is produced only with erotic pictures or pictures.

53. Gregomulcia: Excitement for being groped by an unknown person in a crowd.

54. Hebephilia: Attraction to teenage girls (peer stage).

55. Hematophilia: Consists of unbridled love or pleasure for freshly shed blood (if the bleeding comes from menstruation, the paraphilia is called menstruophilia).

56. Hemotigolagnia: Sexual attraction for used tampons.

57. Hysteristophy: The desire for a person who has committed an atrocity. Very common in letters received by jailers.

58. Hierophilia: Sexual attraction for the crosses.

59. Hifefilia: The excitement will depend on the possession of some foreign object, clothes, hair, skin, etc.

60. Hygrophilia: Excitation produced by any type of bodily fluid.

61. Hypnophylaxis: Excitement when contemplating sleeping people.

62. Hirsutophilia: Attraction to hair.

63. Homylophilia: Sexual arousal produced by preaching a religion to a person who is simple and easy to convince of anything.

64. Ipsophyry: Excitement only by oneself. It is not the same as masturbation, where the sexual object can be a present person, a photograph or a fantasy.

65. Jactitaphilia: Excitement produced by the story of one’s own sexual exploits.

66. Keraunophilia: Sexual pleasure from thunder and lightning.

67. Knismolagnia: It consists of starting an excitement when the other person tickles you.

68. Knissophilia: Initiate excitement by smelling incense.

69. Latronudia: Excitement for undressing before the doctor, usually faking a disease.

70. Masochism (duolololagnia): Pleasure linked to one’s own physical humiliation or suffering (whipping, whipping, pinching) or moral (humillation). It differs from algomania by the presence of the erotic component.

71. Merintophilia: Sexual arousal caused by being tied down.

72. Microphilia: sexual attraction for small or dwarf people.

73. Microgenitalism: Excitement for small penises.

74. Misophilia: Sexual attraction for dirty laundry.

75. Morphophy: Sexual fixation in people with certain physical characteristics (only blondes, only mulattoes, only thin, etc.)

76. Naphilia: Excitement from touching or being touched.

77. Narratophilia: Sexual excitement only when listening to erotic narratives.

78. Nasophilia: Sexual arousal with a nose. (Poor Pinocchio)

79. Necrophilia: Attraction and sexual act with corpses. The ancient Egyptians were practicing this.

80. Nosolagnia: Excitement from knowing that the couple has a terminal illness.

81. Oclophilia (ochlophilia): Excitement before a multitude of people gathered.

82. Odaxelagnia: Excitement when biting or being bitten by the partner.

83. Odophilia: Excitement produced by travel.

84. Ofidiophilia: To provoke sexual stimulation using reptiles or also when practicing sexual intercourse with reptiles.

85. Olfactophilia: Excitement due to the smell of perspiration, especially from the genitals.

86. Parthenophilia: Sexual attraction for virgins.

87. Pediophilia: Sexual attraction to the wrists.

88. Paidophilia or Pedophilia: Attraction to minors.

89. Pygmalionism, agalmatophilia, galateism or monumentphilia: Sexual attraction by statues or naked mannequins.

90. Pigophilia: Excitement from contact with the buttocks.

91. Polytherophilia: People who need to have a series of consecutive sexual partners before achieving orgasm.

92. Psychrophilia: Excitement due to cold or seeing people who are cold.

93. Pungophilia: Need to be pricked in order to obtain sexual pleasure.

94. Salirofilia: Excitement when swallowing the saliva of the partner.

95. Sitophilia: The use of food for sexual purposes, such as using cucumbers or steaks to masturbate. (Very common in women)

96. Somnophilia: Caressing and performing oral sex on a sleeping person until awakening.

97. Taffilia: Excitement from being buried alive.

98. Urophilia: The only excitement comes from urinating or being urinated by the partner.

99. Xenophilia: Excitement only occurs in the presence of couples from different countries.

100. Zoophilia (bestialism): Sexual arousal occurs only with animals.

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