Car sex: Tips to get the most out of it

Some people think that having sex in a car can bring bad luck or it can be very difficult to do. In this opportunity we will give you some tips so that you can enjoy to the maximum an intimate relationship inside a car.

The car must be stopped: although it seems very obvious, not for everyone it can look like this, and especially during a moment of great excitement. So you know, that the car is stopped or a pleasant moment can end in tragedy.

how to have sex in a car safely

At night: Wait until dark, so they will be protected by the darkness inside the car. If you don’t want to be seen by others, night is your time.

Good temperature: Nothing worse than wanting to do it in the middle of summer, you should take into account that the wind chill inside a stopped car tends to be greater than outdoors.

Choose your position: This is the most important decision and there is little time to make it. In the front or back seat? You decide! and the faster the better.

Pendant where you park your car: Ideally, a place that is not crowded or very lonely. If you can find somewhere in between, perfect.

Music: Music can give you a special atmosphere on the spot. Now, you decide what they want to hear.

Have what you need: condoms, some sex toys, water, oils. As long as you have everything you need inside the car, there will be no need to get out of there.

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