Anal Sex in five steps

Anal sex in five steps. No one says it to’ vox populis’, but more than one knows that they want to try anal sex and don’t know where to start. Once you have overcome this’ taboo’, what you have left is to indulge in sexual enjoyment.

tips to have anal sex
That’s why here we want to help you get a healthy enjoyment through anal stimulation.

1) Keep it clean: There is no need to delve into the importance of keeping the anus clean, if you want to enjoy anal sex. Taking a bath beforehand and getting a thorough cleaning is recommended. Also, think about shaving your anus area if you want to see it in its entirety.

2) Use lubricants: Don’t ever try your first attempt from behind without any help from a lubricant level. It is advisable to use the specials for this area.

3) Start with something small: If it is your first time in anal sex, it is best to start with your lover’s fingers, or a beginner’s dildo. It is also important that you lubrique very well the part of the body, or the object, with which you want to give yourself pleasure.

4) Go little by little: Once you have tried with your lover with your fingers, now they can try with the penis. The recommendation itself, lubricate it very well and use a protective condom. The person receiving the stimulation may be placed face down or lie on his or her side. The lover should start by gradually introducing the tip of his penis. Remember, this may feel slightly painful, which is why it’s the first time. If you feel much pain, do not hesitate to tell your lover to stop.

5) Cleanse again: After anal sex, make sure to clean your anus and have your partner clean his penis. A good cleanliness can make you feel fresh again, a shower never goes bad. Pain after anal sex? Take a hot shower and wear cotton underwear.

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