4 Sites where you shouldn’t have sex

There’s nothing tastier than making love and if it’s in new places, better. Now, there are four sites that we don’t recommend you to have sex, because you may not end up enjoying the activity to the fullest. Without further ado, these are the four places where we don’t recommend doing it.

Now, there are four sites that we don't recommend you to have sex

Portable Bathroom: A portable bathroom is synonymous with public, and as such thousands, thousands, are the people who could have passed through that place before you. In addition, these sites tend to accumulate a large amount of bacteria, which can be very harmful if they want to have sex.

On the beach: Yes, even if you have to do it sometime on the beach. Now, after that first time, you probably don’t want to do it again on the beach. Imagine doing it while you’re completely filled with sand? If you want to do it on the beach, we recommend that you bring a sheet to put underneath and be careful not to be in a contaminated area.

On a balcony: Doing it on a balcony can be very dangerous, especially if you have taken something before. In full emotion of the sexual encounter they could try to raise the railing, which could bring unexpected consequences. Another downside is that they could be observed. Our recommendations, if you like to be looked at and have not taken too much, welcome to the balcony.

Car in motion: The problem in a moving car occurs when one of the two lovers is driving the vehicle. The main problem is that a high-pitched caress can cause distraction in the driver, which can have unexpected consequences. Now, if neither of the two lovers drives the car, welcome the experience.

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